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TauRadio, what’s been happening?

Good day everyone,

Tom here from TauRadio! The website has been getting some major reworks, as well as our stream servers. They’re all online and operational at this point in time. the archives are still available HERE and our web registration system is now back online, as well as our Point of Contact email.

What to expect in the future? More reworking of the website, integration with our staff twitch streams for when we’re playing games. Feeds and updates from the Order of the Silver Dragons whom host our website, services and servers. New shows? We have some new hosts talking with our senior staff about airing new pilots and updating older shows with new episodes.

As always, TauRadio looks forward to being there to cover the fun side of the gaming world, events and conventions as well as just general happenings.


State of Mid-Atlantic

After an exciting and productive weekend at Troughton (Re)Generation Who (Officially (Re)Generation Who 2, but I think we started a trend), I am going to make a concerted effort to make my contributions to this site a level of content that the listeners and the cons we are in discussions with for future press want to see. That includes an iTunes friendly set up for podcasts, more content on a hopefully more regular basis, and better connection to the listeners and fans. Thank you who have been supportive of our operation in the past, and here’s to the future.

-Jordan Johnson, Talent, TauRadio Independent Broadcasting, Mid-Atlantic.