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Welcome to TauRadio or TauRadio Independent Broadcasting.

TauRadio is an independently owned and operated internet podcast/radio entity. We specialize in general media and convention/event floor coverage. Our staff has been in the podcast/radio industry for over nine years and is spread across most of the United States, and some parts of the United Kingdom.

What makes us so special compared to other similar entities? Not too much honestly. We do this out of our own pockets, and there is no money made for our efforts. All we wish to do is offer good quality entertainment at no cost to the listener. We syndicate with other existing entities, as well as feature our own shows which are only available on TauRadio.

Our Goals:

  • Deliver Quality Programming
  • Establish Lasting Relationships with Guests and Hosts
  • Ensure a Zero Cost to Listeners
  • Deliver Only Reliable News
  • Never Use Click Bait for Views
  • 90% On Time Delivery of Content As Promised, When Promised.

History of TauRadio

TauRadio was first opened in December of 2010, following the unfortunate split between lead staff at During the split, several show hosts had decided they wished to continue their shows, but did not want to be forced to find new hosting for all of their old episodes and shows. At the time, another station known as VTW Productions (still to this day) was also in operation and offered to take several hosts. Those whom did not move, chose to consolidate their material and go their own ways. These hosts were offered a chance to bring all of their projects back into one place under a new name which would allow syndication and self production so long as everyone made their best efforts to achieve a set  of goals.

In 2010-2011, TauRadio was the official host station of Ten Ton Hammer Live starring Jesse Cox, Production Assisted by Tauren or Davlen depending on the circumstances of the day. Prior to this, the show had been available at and was Production Assisted by Blondie or Tauren.

2012 saw an expansion of the TauRadio syndication and broadcasting field as Mr_NNJ an avid attendee of InterventionCon, and a broadcaster for TauRadio, discussed the possibility of doing a live broadcast from the InterventionCon show floor. Later that year, most of the executive staff of TauRadio hammered out the necessary travel plans to accommodate such an endeavor before taking it to the con chair of InterventionCon. Since 2012, we have made an effort to be as productive as possible when we attend InterventionCon, and make sure that artists and industry professionals alike have a chance to get on the microphone and give what knowledge they wish, to those that listen.

2013 brought new horizons as the scope of TauRadio was expanded to not only include podcasts and live hosted shows on a time schedule, but to also cover Game Release Parties and even other conventions in the DC/Metro area. Currently, we still strive to cover GRP’s and expand to new territories of reporting.

2014 came with new hosts and new talents. New shows began to reach our proposal desks, and collaboration efforts with other stations and entities grew. Panels on monetizing and how to’s of running your own podcast business/station flourished.

2015 was a yet another promising year including new software, new hardware, several new hosts and new shows. We welcomed Michael/X75 Productions to our Syndication Staff/Partners, and have begun hosting their shows on our archive servers. See the Shows section for more information and listings.

2016 is already off to a good start with talk of more new conventions in the DC/Mid-Atlantic coverage area.

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