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State of Mid-Atlantic

After an exciting and productive weekend at Troughton (Re)Generation Who (Officially (Re)Generation Who 2, but I think we started a trend), I am going to make a concerted effort to make my contributions to this site a level of content that the listeners and the cons we are in discussions with for future press want to see. That includes an iTunes friendly set up for podcasts, more content on a hopefully more regular basis, and better connection to the listeners and fans. Thank you who have been supportive of our operation in the past, and here’s to the future.

-Jordan Johnson, Talent, TauRadio Independent Broadcasting, Mid-Atlantic.

321 Ep. 1 – Happy New Year

321 Ep. 1 - Happy New Year

After a 5 month absence since Intervention 2012, Jordan and Ben reunite to talk about many things from D&D to Infinity Gauntlet.

InterventionCon 2015 Release

TauRadio is proud to be attending InterventionCon 6, 2015 as a media and press group. This will be our fourth official year taking part as a live broadcasting group, and our fifth year overall attending this wonderful event. With a wide variety of panels and guests, there is something each day that should grab your attention. Our personal favorites being the Podcasting 101 and Monetizing for Profits panels, but we must always remember that there are indeed other panels, and they are absolutely worth attending. Several of these panels are hosted by the Chair Person of InterventionCon herself, the amazing Oni. Young or old, age doesn’t matter in this environment. Tech savvy or not, you’ll find something that fits your fancy.

We thank the wonderful folks at InterventionCon, and Oni herself for having us back for yet another year. Without them, we would not have the audience, content or relationships with listeners and other stations that we do these days.

On behalf of TauRadio, we all wish InterventionCon another wonderful and successful year.

You can listen to our coverage live at using our built in web player, or by clicking the associated link and downloading the listen file, you can listen from iTunes, VLC, Windows Media Player and more.

TauRadio Rebuilt and Relaunched

As we’ve begun moving forward with operations, we have hit the point where our old site no longer served our purposes, and we have elected to rebuild and create a proper site for distribution of content and satisfying those whom wish to see what they seek in on definitive location.

Today begins the awaited relaunching as we slowly press forward and rebuild ourselves to be a more user friendly entity.