Mission Statement About Us


The clan FAQ

This is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions to our clan.

1)Can I join your clan/How do I join?

Answer: Yes, and All you have to do is email us for instructions at

2)What will you offer me to join?

Answer: We won’t pay you to be part of the clan. It’s a privilege not a job. If you think a clan should “pay” for your “services/skills” then you might wanna rethink why you want to join a clan.

3)What does OSD stand for?

Answer: Order of the Silver Dragon

4)What does the clan stand for?

Answer: Please refer to the OSD Clan Charter at the bottom of the about page.

5)Where do you normally meet?

Answer: TeamSpeak on our Clan Network server, or Ventrillo


6)What do you do for fun?

Answer: WoW, LoL, SC II, Dust514, EvE, 7 Days to Die, Team Fortress 2 (Just to name a few)

7)Why a network?

Answer: As of 2010, the OSD Clan expanded to become the OSD Clan Network due to the formation of TauRadio and several other services that are now owned or operated by OSD Clan members and have been moved under the umbrella due to how interconnected all of these items have become.

8)Who handles network security?

Answer: This is performed by our own team of IT and Security field techs. They have either held professional level jobs in these fields, or taken and passed the A+ Hardware/Software and L+ Linux Software classes and currently hold or have held a ticket.

9) I’m having a problem with one of the network services, what do I do?

Answer: Message us on twitter @OSDClanNetwork or email

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