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Clan name and history?

2001 – Some people have asked what our clan name is, and it is Order of the Silver Dragon. Why we use this name is actually an odd story. The original clan founders Tom, Blake, and Gen had been playing together for a while, and finally decided it would be more fun to have a commonality of names to show that they worked and played together. Well, a list of names were suggested by each person and were reviewed for a day or so before they had decided that the Order of the Silver Dragon (since most of them liked dragon’s at the time) was a great choice and would be really easy to simplify unlike some other clan names. Well, as it happens that clan name stuck, and now we are the OSD.

2009 – Now in recent years, Tom has changed his name several times and is currently known as TaurenTom both at or Orginal Media For Gamers where he currently holds a Production Assistant job working along side several guild members and friends. As you might suspect given Tom’s new name, he does in fact play a Tauren, and is obviously a fan of the horde. The guilde name remains mostly the same but due to character length issues with guilds in WoW it was shortened to Silver Dragons which still abides by the old setup and rules, but has taken on many a new member with currently only three of the original clan members having moved to WoW while others went to Xbox live or continue the traditions on Diablo II and Starcraft with Tom having recently broken into Starcraft II as well.

2015 – As of this year, Order of the Silver Dragon is still thriving, and has established as the OSD Clan Network. Offering Audio, Video, Networking and Clan Services to any and all members of the charter group whom organize and compose the bulk of the OSD. The current Clan Head is Tom (TaurenTom), with Commanders Semple (Noobiesnack), Cabro, Brownie and Guild Liaison Davlen.

Clan Charter

This hereby constitutes the official charter and laws of the clan Order of the Silver Dragon.


This charter applies to all members of the Order of the Silver Dragon, hereafter referenced as OSD or OSD Clan. As such, it is expected that all members and titled guests shall abide by and adhere to the best of their abilities to this charter without ill intent, intentional misdirection/evasion or negligence.

No member or guest of this guild/clan may enforce or execute any rules/actions outlined within this charter or within the rule book of this guild/clan. All enforcement of rules will be performed by either the guild/clan’s leadership, council or a proxy that has been deemed by only the direct approval and selection of both the guild/clan Leaders.

Only a member of the Council (Officer) or higher may promote or grant ranks to those below their active tier, or welcome new members to the OSD. The ranking system and duties off those ranks shall be kept as defined below.

1)Clan Chief
2)Commander/High Council (Guild Control)
3)Council (Officer)
4)Guardian (Zealot)
5)Veteran member
7)Rookie (temporary title that will only apply during the two week internment period).
8)Guest (This is more of a granted status than rank, and will only apply to friends of the clan and trading partners)
9)Liaison (A status granted to allies and leaders of other clans)

Duties in order of Rank Listing:
1) Executive Authority and full control of all operations of the OSD.
2) Executive Authority and full control of all operations of the OSD in the chief’s stead
3) Command Authority and control of everyday operations of the OSD. Control of any operation within their operating specialty.
4) Field Authority and control of operations in the defined field and team assigned by superiors.
5) Completion of duties as outlined by those above. Task specific control and completion of Member advancement training and Rookie Training.
6) Completion of duties as outlined by those above. Training of Rookies and below.
7) Completion of duties as assigned during training periods.
8) None defined.
9) None defined.

Loyalty, Justice and Devotion are the traits we seek in this world. Loyalty to your clan mates, your friends and your family. Justice in all things that we do, may they always be right and improve those around us. Devotion to your duties, clan, friends and family. These three traits define a member of the OSD. They are the qualities you are expected to hold dear and improve.

You are expected to act in a manner befitting of the qualities described above. Be Loyal, be Just, be Devoted. Protect those who need it. Encourage those who strive to improve. Guide those whom are lost and forgotten.

“In the darkness, we are a guiding light. Small, steady and everlasting. Larger flames may burn brighter, but soon deplete their fuel. In the dark, the only thing that matters is how long your light burns, not how large it is.”



This charter is hereby in effect from the time of Tuesday 2pm EST, January 20th, 2009. Updated Apr. 27, 2018
Written and maintained by OSDdragon (Tom) (Clan Founder/Leader) and OsD (Gen) (Clan Founder/Leader).

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