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Shows Hosted by TauRadio Staff

  • The CattleClysm
    • Hosted by TaurenTom, this show is essentially the everyday disasters of operating your own sites, running conventions or even just a bit of everyday life. Odds are, you won’t be disappointed.
  • 3 Drinks, 2 Guys, 1 Topic (Alternative Name: 3-2-1)
    • Hosted by Mr_NNJ and Ben, this show is as the name implies, 3 Drinks, 2 Guys and 1 Topic in as sensical a manner as you might imagine.
  • MBM Wrestling
    • Hosted by lifelong Wrestling fans Mansa Herndon, Ben Taylor and Michael Lindenbaum is a show that airs every 2 weeks, Join them as they drop their opinion on the latest goings on in the Squared Circle along with discussing the latest news and rumors and interview a guest or 2 along the way as well. twitter: @MBM_Wrestling e-mail:
  • Shuffletime
    • Hosted by Davlen, this is a show about music, the history of music and the history of those that have made the music that you listen to today, or had the joy or terror of listening to while growing up. Guest hosts and stars are a common thing, and there are lists!
  • Difficulty Check
    • Hosted by Mr_NNJ and a variety of Co-Hosts. A new take on Lore, Role Play and Back Stories. This show was originally hosted on Original Media For Gamers and moved to VTW Productions where it was syndicated with TauRadio. Eventually this show became a TauRadio stand alone.

Shows Syndicated on TauRadio

  • Essence of RolePlay (Alternative Name: EoRP)
    • Hosted throughout the years by Almighty Farseer (AF) and The Kexman, this show has had many seasons, but is currently under a hiatus. Hosted briefly during one of its hiatus by Almighty Farseer and Xai, this is a show aimed for the casual and everyday RPer. Advice, Lore and A Little Common Sense for your everyday RP needs. Originally hosted on WarCraft Radio (WCRadio is Closed, and no site exists at this time), it moved to Original Media For Gamers (Originaly Station is no longer active), and VTW Productions. The final episodes aired solely upon TauRadio
  • The Xperience

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