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Decreasing Threat Count

As of last week, we have noticed a trending decrease in the number of threats to our network. The on going attempts on our FTP services have decreased by roughly 93% overall, and have yielded a list of nearly 100k now black listed IP’s.

Attempts by parties to breach the FTP services have been to this date unsuccessful, and have been using simple baseline password and username combinations. As stated before, all usernames and passwords are created EXCLUSIVE. As such, the automated ban service has been blacklisting IP’s associated with these attempts, and recording data on all attempts of this nature.

We have experienced no network disruptions, and do not anticipate any.

On Going Threats

Since restoration of services on servers Altaria and Archevia, we have been monitoring an on going intrusion attempt to our FTP services on these servers. As of now, we have banned approximately 1.2k unique IP’s and their associated ranges.

All logs indicated that these attempts have failed repeatedly, and are all brute force attempts being made using generic user names for a default FTP installation. We do not and have never used default user ID’s, nor do we plan to in the future.

For the time being we will continue to monitor and report on further attempts, as well as maintain the security of our files and logs. We are also establishing a honeypot server code name Lykan which will have all inbound traffic aimed at the FTP services on Altaria and Archevia temporarily redirected.

Status of OSD Network and Clan

As of today, we have completed the majority of Clan and Network updates/upgrades. There have been more than 235 bans since 7am Jul. 23, 2015 due to attempts by a foreign IP group to access our secured FTP servers. Attempts have been thwarted, and all IPs involved have been banned from all OSD Clan Network Servers and Services.

As of this time, all network services lost during the last server migration have been restored, and all data is being rebuilt and reorganized to become better accessible to all members.