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Server Listings Updated

The list of all servers, supported services and applications has now been updated to show the currently supported content and web services.

  • Removed: WXCEvents, Removed: Fur-Xoticon/FurXoticon.
  • Added: Last Minute Convention, Added: Small Time Convention.
  • Updated: ARK Survival servers. Now includes all maps.
  • Corrected: ARK Survival master IP is now only (all servers are cross-ark/clustered)

Supported Servers Update

Network services have been updated for performance reasons.

ARK servers can now be found by adding ‘’ to your favorites under the servers listing in steam. ARK servers exist for all available maps and run on 2x Taming speed, 2x Baby Maturation and PVP enabled. No structure decay.

S+ Structures Mod, Loot Chest – Appearance Mod, G.F.A.R. (infinite grappling hook mod), Upgrade/Recovery/Blueprint Station Mod.

Dino transfers are allowed within the cluster, and foreign dino transfers (Aberrant to Normal and back are allowed).


Rules are simple, No spawn or resource blocking.


Forums are active, and should be used for most items involving chatter or random posting. They will be human moderated, and likely refined further over the next few months.

EvE Online

Order of the Silver Dragons (corporation) and Silver Dragonz (alliance) are recruiting new and veteran EvE players, and looking to train new pilots. All roles are sought, inlcuding: mining, missioning, pve, pvp, production, logistics and exploration.

To apply/join, EvE Mail Tauren Tom or Ice Semple in game, and they’ll handle your recruitment.

Corporations are also accepted, and may maintain independent operation. Alliance membership does not require any fees or CTA attendance.

OSD Clan Forums

Order of the Silver Dragons forums services have been reinstated, and are now active. We will continue to update and perform maintenance on them over the next week.

SSD Failure – Recovered and Restored.

A temporary failure of a directory SSD occurred Thursday at approximately 11am, interrupting normal network operations. The offending drive was subsequently removed, and replaced. All data was restored from an active backup, and a secondary failsafe mechanical drive has been installed to immediately sync and take over network traffic control should such an even occur again.

All services hosted on the OSD Clan Network are now back at full operation, and have had new backups made as of the moment of restoration.

We apologize for any issues this may have caused, and are looking into the exact reason for the failure. Suspected reasons are SSD panic locking, but cannot be confirmed without further investigations.

-IT Dept

Decreasing Threat Count

As of last week, we have noticed a trending decrease in the number of threats to our network. The on going attempts on our FTP services have decreased by roughly 93% overall, and have yielded a list of nearly 100k now black listed IP’s.

Attempts by parties to breach the FTP services have been to this date unsuccessful, and have been using simple baseline password and username combinations. As stated before, all usernames and passwords are created EXCLUSIVE. As such, the automated ban service has been blacklisting IP’s associated with these attempts, and recording data on all attempts of this nature.

We have experienced no network disruptions, and do not anticipate any.