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As most members of the OSD are aware, we have contingency plans and situation preps for nearly all circumstances. At this time, we are continuing our standard operations and advising on situational developments as needed. Our containment and contingency plans are in effect for all areas. Notify your division officer if any situation should arise.

Off-Road Exploring

Off-Roading and exploring is on going. Currently featuring a 99 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 3″ Zone Off-Road lift kit, 31″x10.50″R15 Tires on ProComp 15″x9″ rims, dual front and rear recovery points. Front and rear frame reinforcements, forward brushbar/pushbar (being replaced wit a JCR style off road recovery/winch bumper), 50″ curved LED light bar (forward facing) 32″ straight LED light bar with optional coloration mode (rear facing), 2 UTV LED 2×4 pod lights (forward facing, brush mount), forward, aft and side facing recovery notifier lights (amber directional/traffic advisors). A modular auxiliary solar system, roof top cargo basket and 54″ smittybilt 2722 universal trail jack accompany this build enabling for tool charging and recovery operations. This jeep has been built by us to operate as one of our recovery vehicles and exploration vehicles.

Great American Jeep Rally 2019
Shakedown XJ!

Build photos and progress can be found at

FTP Restored

FTP services have been restored. Due to a hardware alteration, there was a temporary interruption of FTP services on the OSD network. This issue was resolved without any major changes.

Market Hub and Mining

As of last friday, a new market hub was onlined and our supporting mining fleet was brought in to begin the seeding of the local markets with ships and supplies for capsuleers. As of this time, most small items and even some battleships are currently available for sale.

It is planned in the near future to expand operations to include larger ships and armaments for use by the local null/low sec area groups.

Server Listings Updated

The list of all servers, supported services and applications has now been updated to show the currently supported content and web services.

  • Removed: WXCEvents, Removed: Fur-Xoticon/FurXoticon.
  • Added: Last Minute Convention, Added: Small Time Convention.
  • Updated: ARK Survival servers. Now includes all maps.
  • Corrected: ARK Survival master IP is now only (all servers are cross-ark/clustered)

Supported Servers Update

Network services have been updated for performance reasons.

ARK servers can now be found by adding ‘’ to your favorites under the servers listing in steam. ARK servers exist for all available maps and run on 2x Taming speed, 2x Baby Maturation and PVP enabled. No structure decay.

S+ Structures Mod, Loot Chest – Appearance Mod, G.F.A.R. (infinite grappling hook mod), Upgrade/Recovery/Blueprint Station Mod.

Dino transfers are allowed within the cluster, and foreign dino transfers (Aberrant to Normal and back are allowed).


Rules are simple, No spawn or resource blocking.


Forums are active, and should be used for most items involving chatter or random posting. They will be human moderated, and likely refined further over the next few months.